How to Make Your Man Want and Need You More

Hello girls, we will be talking about love and relationship here. I am not saying that I am an expert in this field but I guarantee you some tips to make your man want you and need you more.

It is really obvious that we women want our man to stick with us not only for sex but to desire us for a lifetime. Here are my tips to charm your man. Just remember everything is completely under your control you may follow these tips, trim it down or maximize the approach it is all up to you. The surefire is, you make him want you more than you expect.


So, first make him proud of you.

1. You need to look good at all times especially when you are with his friends and family. Show them the loving care you have for your man. You may ask him if he wants a drink then make the effort to get maybe a glass of water for him. You may also ask him if he feels hot then fan him with your hanky. Do this in front of his family or friends. A little loving gesture make his pride deeper giving him the delight he needs.

2. Show some kind of ‘PDA’ or public display of affection especially when you are with his buddies. Make some natural gestures like wiping his face, fix his hair gently or just stare at him and kiss his arm. This way he can level up his ego, he could feel that you are so in love with him.

3. Write a ‘shoutout’ on his FB timeline that he is the perfect guy for you. Or you could write a poem or a love letter and let a DJ of his favorite radio station read it. Just make sure that you are a good writer when doing this so he will be proud of what you are doing.


Be mind-blowing.

1. Be on your best dress, but dress appropriately on occasion. Girls please always remember that guys are mindful when it comes to what you wear. Do not flaunt out all you have but stay sexy with a little flirty style so your man will keep thinking about you.

2. Always flirt with your man but be cute, in a way that you seemed reserved. Do not give him all he wants. Otherwise he will go home shouting ‘BINGO’. Let him think, be enchanting and do not make him solve the puzzle.

More tips to make your man want and need you more on my next article.

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