How To Ensure You Are Never Hurt In Love

Have you been hurt due to infidelity of your partner or spouse? You are not the first one and nor will you be the last. Cheaters cut across country, ethnicity and race. They are found all over the world. You need to be careful about falling in love and be responsible about your own actions. You cannot control anyone. Everyone is a free spirit. However, to protect your heart and your feelings, here are some tips to ensure you are not the next one to be hurt in love:

Never trust blindly. You will be the one who will be blindsided
Think of yourself first and be selfish. Everyone comes after that
Don’t marry the first person that you fall in love with- there are many out there that are better than him/her
Don’t believe in fairy tale love- it only holds true in stories
Cheaters will cheat- again and again. If not today, then it might hit you tomorrow. They don’t improve.
Don’t be manipulated and stand emotional abuse. It is best to stay firm and end the relationship.
Falling in love and staying in love are two different aspects. People change.
Look out of signs- hiding the mobile phone, long business meetings and tours.
Stay a little suspicious. It helps you notice more. However, don’t go overboard
Just because you are true in the relationship, is no guarantee that your partner/spouse is on the same page
There isn’t anything like true love. Only 1% people in the world might experience it. You feel you have it? Wait for a couple of more years.
Accept the fact that your partner can cheat. He/she is only human. Being in denial or thinking ‘how could he/she do it to me’ will not help you but only keep hurting you longer.
Learn to think about your own feelings and well-being first before anyone else’s.

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These are just a few of the aspects that you need to accept, irrespective of whether you were left heartbroken at some point in time or are in a wonderful rosy relationship. Reality hits. And it hits badly. Being prepared for eventualities in life as helps you move on. Cheating and infidelity isn’t something new but when it hits you, you have a deep hurt that refuses to go away. So stay cautious when you give your love and heart to someone special. Good luck!

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